Todd Manning

I began my career in finance in 1994 after graduating from UT Austin. I started out in consumer finance helping people with washers and dryers and then graduated up to home equities. By 1996 I was working on mortgages all around the country. I spent 9 years in the industry prior to going back on active duty after 9/11. When I returned to the civilian workforce in 2013, I came back to an industry I loved. I’ve always enjoyed being able to help people realize a part of the American Dream.

In 2016 I joined Service First Mortgage - The Davidson Group because I felt their expert knowledge of the mortgage industry complimented my own, as well as their commitment to customer service.

Customer service is extremely important to me and my role as a loan officer gives me the opportunity to help individuals and families into their new home.Being able to offer outstanding mortgage expertise, incredible customer service, and the ability to purchase a home to my clients is what makes this the most rewarding and fulfilling career imaginable.